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I'm a life long musician and I believe that there are no short cuts for experience. I believe that music is about people made by people and very little about gear. That being said when talent, experience and top notch gear meet you have a recipe for excellence. After all, excellence is what we as artists all strive for.


Orbit Audio is one of the premiere recording and mixing studios in Seattle. The studio is acoustically treated and sounds wonderful, mixes accurately translate from here to the real world. We also offer all the instruments needed to make your record sound right. Our real acoustic chamber and reverb plate are just a part of the lovely experience you'll find here.
Soundcloud links to music produced, recorded and mixed here - please click and listen!


We offer full production here from pre-production, tracking to mixing. Every great artist has help and every song has different needs. The benefit of having a experienced producer here is where the value is, many say it has been invaluable. Please contact for more information.


A HUGE congratulations to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on receiving multiple Grammy awards this year, we are so excited to be a part of recording The Heist. This is Orbit Audio's first certified platinum record. We are also happy that Mix magazine featured Orbit Audio in their August 2011 issue.


Yes, we still make analog recordings. My career began recording on analog tape. I deeply enjoy the experience and textures of making "all analog" records.
We now are offering free analog 2" tape from our gently used lending library for artists that want to discover the magic of analog recording.


We embrace both worlds here.
Orbit Audio is the first studio in Seattle to use Pro Tools HD. Prior to that we were very early in the digital frontier.
We now use BURL AD/DA converters with Pro Tools HD. BURL converters are the closest to analog we've heard so far in the digital world. The BURL Mothership has landed here.




No matter where you are on your musical journey, you are always welcome here with respect and appreciation. I've been on both sides of the studio glass many times and I know what it is like. After all, I'm a musician first.
I believe that everything should be included when you walk in the studio door. The extensive collection of instruments and equipment at Orbit Audio is always available to you for free - every day.
We are here to help every way possible from providing everything you need to make a amazing record. We are always reinvesting in OUR community and the equipment here to make YOUR records sound better.


650 per day, 375 per half day or 85 per hr. (3hr minimum) including engineer. Multi-day discounts are available for 4 or more consecutive days booked.
We accept all major credit cards, check or cash, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your dates.
*Piano Tuning* We have our lovely grand piano tuned here almost monthly. If you need a "special" tuning before your session the fee is $85, please contact us in advance. Thanks!


Doing this everyday is a true gift. Here at Orbit Audio we haven't forgot that. We feel the obligation to pay this forward so we give 10% of our gross income to charity. These are 2 of the charity organizations that we give to and feel passionate about.
MusiCares They provide a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.
Northwest Harvest They collect and distributes food to approximately 300 hunger programs in Washington State.


Hi, My name is Joe Reineke.
I have nearly 20 years experience as a professional producer/engineer, but my journey began as a musician in the early 80's punk scene. By 1990, I formed The Meices (San Francisco) and went on to form Alien Crime Syndicate (Seattle) two great bands which I was the primary guitarist and songwriter. I've had 3 different major label recording contracts. My music has also aired in over 1,000 film and television broadcasts internationally. I've also received a certified Gold sales award for my contribution to the Empire Records soundtrack.
For many years I toured the world. From underground clubs in a beat up 70's Dodge van to arenas filled with thousands. I've toured and played with many great bands - The Pixies, Green Day, Offspring, Cracker, Whiskey Town, No Doubt, Garbage, Deftones, Sugar Ray, Weezer, Superdrag, Nada Surf, The Killers plus many others. One of my finest moments was backing Tommy Stinson (Replacements/Guns and Roses) for his US and European tour.
Experience, I have some and its one of the things that's not for sale at guitar center, there isn't a shortcut. Making a record can be a challenging task at times, what to do, what not to do - its always a collaborative effort. It requires the ability to communicate vision without getting in the way of the message, a combination of attention to detail and reckless abandon. Building on the strengths of the artist, time management and knowing when to stay out of the way is a true art, one that only comes with experience.
Give me a ring, I'm ready to help. 206-381-1244

YOUR MUSIC matters at Orbit Audio!

Photo credits: Christopher Nelson